WTF is Superstar Hippiechick?

Superstar Hippiechick?

WTF is Superstar Hippiechick you may ask? Well, for a long time, I’ve been known as Hippiechick. I was a sales representative in the new age/gift industry for many years.  It was all fine and good, but I really craved doing what was authentic to me, doing what I love.

Hippiechick Passion

The Superstar Hippiechick Ltd. company began when I met Carlos, The Sage Guy of San Bernardino way back in 2006. I was a wholesale rep selling incense and buddhas. My aunt died, and one of my gift shop customers gifted me a couple of sage wands to help clear any negative energy from my aunt’s home.  As I burned the sage around the apartment, I noticed the exceptional quality of the sage, and the aroma was the freshest, most pungent, delicious sage I had ever smelled!

I then asked my gift shop customer how to get more of this sage! I wanted to turn the world on to it! She told me of the sage guy who came around her store every couple of weeks. I asked her to refer him to me. I waited for what seemed an eternity.

Soon after, while filling incense at another store in southern California, I chanced upon Carlos, who was filling the sage display at the store. I asked, “Are you the sage guy of San Bernardino?” “Yes!” was his reply, and the rest is history! I learned his story, about his experience with herbs, and his love of the desert. I told him of my experience with plants, herbals and flowers, and my love of the mountains. We wondered how we would take the sage to people worldwide!

I began by offering sage and herbal incense to local brick-and-mortar stores here in southern California. The response was so positive that I decided to sell herbs on the internet. And now it doesn’t end at herbal incense.  I now carry herbal smudge accessories, art and gifts, books, CDs and DVDs, jewelry, clothing accessories and more!  All of Superstar Hippiechick’s products ship from Burbank, California.

All of the local herbs and smudge I offer have been either wildcrafted by me personally with paid permits from either the US Forest Service or the US Bureau of Land Management, or picked with express written consent of the owner(s) of private properties.  My personal credo is to pick only 1/3 of a plant and only to pick 1/3 of all plants that are available.  I also clear any and all trash found in the areas I get my herbs from, as I believe we need to be stewards of our environment if we want it to last for the next seven generations.

My other passion is music.  Playing live instruments, mixing electronica and house music, and producing.  You are welcome to check out the Hippiechick Music website by clicking the link above.  Thanks for your support!

A portion of the profits of Superstar Hippiechick each month go to various charities chosen by staff and our customers. I will feature our chosen charity each month on the blog.  You can make suggestions for charities that could be served by contacting me. I truly want to serve my customers in the best way possible. If you have any suggestions, questions or comments, please contact me at:

Superstar Hippiechick Ltd.
oghippiechick (at)