The Mindful Appetite


Break Free from the Cycle of Mindless Eating

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Could the foundation of a good diet have less to do with what you eat—and more to do with how you eat it? According to Dr. Susan Albers, a specialist in eating disorders, the key to transforming our relationship with food lies in learning to take charge of our minds—not our forks—through an intimate understanding of the ins and outs of hunger in all its aspects. In The Mindful Appetite, she presents teachings and guided exercises for mastering the art of conscious eating—or attending to the constant cues our bodies and minds offer to help us make smart, healthy choices at the table.

Dr. Albers begins with a practical overview of mindfulness, the latest research into its effectiveness, and the five principle benefits of mindful eating. You’ll learn the seven skills of the mindful eater, then experience eight easy-to-follow guided exercises to help you integrate these skills into your daily life:

  • Taking Your Hunger Temperature—rediscover how to trust your body to tell you what it needs
  • Lovingkindness Toward Food and Your Body—a meditation for self-acceptance and overcoming negativity
  • Letting Go of Food Guilt—how to navigate strong emotions and place an anchor of serenity in the moment

With The Mindful Appetite, now you can find new levels of satisfaction and fulfillment while dining—and still eat everything you love.

2 CD set.