Sterling Silver Painted Pony Pendant


Sterling Silver Painted Pony Pendant

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Sterling Silver Painted Pony Pendant


This sterling silver Painted Pony pendant is made of .925 silver and measures L: 1.0″ W: 1.5″.


Personal face and body paint was normally the result of a vision quest when a specific design would be revealed to a Native American warrior, along with an animal or bird protector. The warrior, having seen a supernatural vision of a man painted in a certain way, would use the same design himself and would also use the feathers, bones, claws or stuffed skin of the animal or bird as a war “medicine”.


Horse painting was different; it was usually a record of the war exploits of the warrior, showing black stripes for the number of coups he counted, horse tracks for stolen horses, red patches for wounds received and so on. The Plains tribes would often paint a circle around each eye of their horse to improve its sight, or zig-zag lightning marks down its legs to make it run faster.