Shiva Rea – Jala


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Jala—water. It’s most of what we are and moving within us like the currents of the primordial ocean—powerful, creative, constantly renewing.  Jala, the rhythmic world and electronic music soundtrack from Shiva Rea’s Fluid Power yoga DVD, offers “musical hydration” for the flow of your inner and outer worlds, yoga, and creative living.

In her worldwide retreats, thousands of flow yoga and trance-dance practitioners rave about Shiva Rea’s inspiring music mixes. Shiva Rea now invites you on a dynamic and meditative sonic journey crossing genres and cultures. Like a winding river with organic, changing rhythms, Jala flows from sublime invocations, Asian electronica, high-energy percussion, and passionate vocals into soothing sitar and chant.

With 12 richly layered soundscapes, Jala is an energizing plunge into the universal flow. Features the talents of sitar virtuoso Uwe Neumann; multi-instrumentalist Benjy Wertheimer; Canadian Grammy nominee Adham Shaikh; Desert Dwellers; Niraj Chag; Daphne Tse with Matt Pszonak; and Burning Man favorite—Alcyone.

Enhanced CD includes bonus Fluid Power DVD footage available nowhere else.