Meditation In A New York Minute


Super Calm for the Super Busy

Audio training on using micro-meditations to relax into presence during hectic daily life.

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On Meditation in a New York Minute, executive meditation coach Mark Thornton demystifies meditation and makes it accessible to all. He presents his complete program for enjoying the many benefits of meditation—stress reduction, energy, intense mental clarity—all in a New York minute.

If your life is moving at warp speed, begins Thornton, more than ever you need to create calm quickly and profoundly. Meditation in a New York Minute will teach even the busiest people:

  • How to get an hour of refreshing meditation into your day—without adding a thing to your schedule
  • Nineteen powerful techniques from the world’s wisdom traditions, distilled into “micro-doses” you can use between meetings, while commuting, in the shower—whenever you have a free moment
  • The Eight Laws of Super Calm and the Eight Golden Keys for flipping on compassion and insight in any situation
  • The 11 Thieves along the path of meditation, and how to dodge them

You can be super busy, super successful, and super calm at the same time, assures Mark Thornton. With Meditation in a New York Minute, the rewards of this centuries-old inner art are finally available to everyone on the go.

2 CD set.