Heal Your Past-Life Fears


A guided process to realize your soul’s potential.  Journey to your previous incarnations to overcome challenges affecting you today.

2 CD set.

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With Heal Your Past-Life Fears, Ainslie MacLeod presents a two-part program for completing the life plan your soul created for you before this incarnation. Explore your past incarnations to complete your soul’s life plan. This 2 CD set is your personal guide in a past-life regression to liberate you from the unhealed experiences that hinder your potential today.

In part one, Ainslie discusses how past lives affect us, how to overcome anxiety about revisiting painful experiences in the past, and the ten most common past-life fears—including the fear of loss, the fear of inferiority, the fear of betrayal, and the fear of self-expression.

In part two, Ainslie leads you step-by-step as you call upon your own spirit guides to assist you in safely confronting and resolving the traumas of previous incarnations—a process that he believes is the most critical practice to foster spiritual evolution and personal transformation.

Heal Your Past-Life Fears is enhanced by a guided session with original music by Grammy®-winning artist India.Arie, composed specifically for this program.