Gypsy Grooves by Priyo


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Gypsy Grooves by Priyo

Flamenco meets trance to move, groove, and spark your gypsy passion within.

Spark Your Gypsy Passion

The sand, the stars, the longing voice and moving rhythms of a Spanish guitar…


If you’re in the mood to awaken the soul-searching vagabond within, Gypsy Grooveswill satisfy. Priyo takes us into an organic, “roots-trance” dreamscape of flamenco-infused guitar and a sultry blend of textures and rhythms for moving, grooving, or just relaxing. The eternal, searching spirit of the gypsy—passionate and free—burns within all of us. With Gypsy Grooves, Priyo gets it going with quiet intensity, moving us into our bodies, our senses, and the mysterious, secret spaces within.


Priyo is a multi-instrumental musician and a lifelong explorer of the traditions and frontiers of music. Born in Sicily of opera singer parents, he is best known as a visionary of the underground yoga-dance scene and founder of the groups One at Last and Gypsy Moon. His music energizes and elevates dance clubs and yoga studios alike across Hawaii, Australia, and the West Coast.