Chakra Illumination, A Musical Journey


Chakra Illumination, A Musical Journey

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Chakra Illumination, A Musical Journey

Awaken Your Highest Potential Through the Essential Power of Music

David Ison


A Music-Based Meditation System to Activate Your Full Energetic & Spiritual Potential


Every dimension of you arises from “the music of the spheres”—the cosmic symphony of pure energetic vibration. First revealed by ancient mystics, the healing effects of sound are familiar to those who’ve used David Ison’s medically proven therapeutic music. Now, with Chakra Illumination, this acclaimed composer and teacher invites you to begin a practice for awakening your full spiritual potential.


Join David to learn how the sacred geometries and harmonics of his intentional music activate deep receptivity, gratitude, and illumination at every level—physical, energetic, and spiritual. Then, experience these benefits directly, via two powerful new musical journeys:


  • Harmonizer Level One guides your breathing and consciousness to amplify the specific frequencies—the generative essences—of each of your chakras
  • Harmonizer Level Two brings your seven energy centers into full integration and attuned resonance—empowering you to choose and act from your highest potential


Designed to make meditation pleasurable (and virtually effortless), Chakra Illumination works as a complete daily practice, as a boost to your current spiritual path, or simply as a rejuvenating listening experience. It’s the perfect way to discover the transformative power of music, celebrate your incarnation in the body, and fully receive the gifts held within you.

Product Details

Contents 2 CDs (1 hour, 56 minutes)
Date Published March 01, 2012
ISBN-10 1-60407-708-5
ISBN-13 978-1-60407-708-7
Dimensions 5 x 5 3/4 inches