Celtic Passage


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Celtic Passage presents the North American debut of the  passionate vocalist Deirdre Ní Chinnéide, embracing the energy of the wholly empowered feminine through a rich soundscape of moving verse, raw emotion, and traditional arrangements that are at once ethereal and grounding.

Deirdre offers her music as an expression of a spiritual practice that explores the healing potential of sound. With harp, fiddle, flute, bodhran, and more, Celtic Passage is her invitation to remember and retrieve that which we have lost through a musical journey to the worlds of the Shaman and Spirit.

“In opening to our Celtic past and the wisdom of our ancestors, we create a future of connectedness and respect for difference,” explains Ní Chinnéide. Exploring universal themes of life and death, nature and the earth, conflict and the redemptive power of love, Celtic Passage is a bold trek to the heart of this ancient tradition.

If you think all Celtic music sounds the same, then you probably haven’t heard Deirdre Ní Chinnéide, Ireland’s rising female tenor who is reshaping the genre that has captivated millions.