Bite By Bite


Practical techniques for transforming your relationship with food at the soul level.

2 CD set.

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Bite by Bite—an essential step-by-step program to help you determine what you are truly hungry for, and create a healthier relationship with food.  For almost 20 years, Geneen Roth was either on a diet or on a binge every single day, and in the end there was one thing she completely understood: diets do not work. Today she is a bestselling author who leads workshops on breaking free from emotional eating around the world for sold-out audiences.

Join her to explore:

  • The Seven Eating Guidelines that eliminate the need for diets
  • Geneen’s own guided eating meditation to discover if you’re really hungry, what you’re hungry for, and to bring complete awareness to what you are eating
  • Practices for becoming the director of your inner choir of voices
  • A 20-minute guided visualization to uncover your automatic response to emotions—and how to steer it away from food
  • The Strawberry Story—how to enjoy each bite of food and each moment in life with equaled passion, no matter what tigers appear at your doorstep

Through guided meditations, practical techniques, and Geneen Roth’s personal trial-by-error lessons, Bite by Bite will change the way you relate to food, and allow you to give up diets permanently and accept yourself at any weight.

2 CD set.